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Present generation know Sonia Gandhi
A decade ago it was Rajiv Gandhi
Emergency period reminds Indira Gandhi
No one remembers the father of nation Mahatma
Truth and non-violence are his weapons
Which he practised till his death
People have forgotten his sacrifices
Glimpses are shown in the film Gandhi
His struggle started in South Africa
Where apartheid is practise even today
Slavery of Indians woke his eyes up
Apartheid of Harijans shook his heart
Swaraj is my birthright thundered Tilak
Gandhi lived to witness Independence
Had he survived today he would have wept
About the role of corruption in the net
Was he partial towards Muslim brothers
Nookhli massacres remind the vengeance
Even a rat will wince when cornered
Gandhi preached the just opposite.
Gandhism cannot cope up in today's
Buah takes vengeance on innocent
Those who nurture terrorism is world Afghan's     terrorist
Non violence commits suicide in shame.