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No doubt, Gandhi was a great man to have ever walked on earth as a Saint or Marshal of masses holding Truth and Ahimsa aloft, winning crowds and followers from India to Africa, Durban to London Only to end and crown his earthly journey by falling a victim to the bullet of assassin.

Just imagine, how dear and beloved was he to the country and countrymen that his numerous busts and statues erected afterwards as mark of grief and respect for him in the several of our parks and streets of towns, lie shattered and disfigured.

Gandhi is long dead–and blossomed never raise him from samadhi and build monuments for vandals to desecrate for they are on the prowl and rampage to kick and scandalise him that Gandhi ruined, destroyed this holy land of ours broke bent our spine and made us cowards first-rate hypocrites, liars corrupt, rapist, immoral sexist murderers.

Gandhism exists only in the stale liturgy of slogans and procession centenary and ceremonies election campaigning commemorative stamps and institutions legendised and christened. This is how a nation pays homage to its father catapulting his principles and idealism to the wind; the history and glamour of a great man who toils hard to become a denigrated martyr defiled distorted visage, and smeared smudged postal stamps.