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Not the people who sit and talk,
not even those who scribble lines for a book,
only men of action, honest men who toil hard
for the emancipation of a nation
or the suffering humanity as a whole,
can judge Gandhi and say
how difficult it is to be one.

Gandhi came as an "andhi"
and with millions of takers he had his way
in spite of being simple and shy
for he loved mankind, he loved humanity
as much as he loved freedom.

And now, when the world is torn
by intolerance and violence,
terrorism being the order of the day,
his love for truth and non-violence,
and mutual respect for justice and dignity
in the struggle for freedom show us the way.

We in our clumsiness killed Gandhi.
Whether we agree with him or not,
he will continue to be where he is,
next only to Buddha and Christ;
a bi-product of the Vedic Past
and our own contemporary quest.

Let us learn how to spin gold
of goodness and have firm hold
on the ground so as to live bold.

There is nothing heroic in killing millions
in the name of religious nationalism.
The ultimate goal of civilization
is not a country or crusade
to testfire and launch madness
in the orbit of an imaginary heaven,
but a culture of love and compassion
for which we can feel proud to be human.