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Genealogy of the Mahatma

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 Timeline of Mahatma  for  I : 1869 - 1894
2nd October 1869 Born at Porbandar, Kathiawad, son of Karamchand (Kaba) and Putlibai Gandhi.

1876 Attended primary school in Rajkot, where his family moved. Betrothed to Kasturbai (called Kasturba in her old age), daughter of Gokuldas Makanji, a merchant.

1881 Entered high school in Rajkot. Alfred High School

1883 Married to Kasturbai.

16th November, 1885 Father died at age of 63.

1887 Passed matriculation examination at Ahmedabad and entered Samaldas College, Bhavnagar, Kathiawad,but found studies difficult and remained only one term.

1888 First of four sons born. Harilal

1891 (Summer) Returned to India after being called to bar. Began practice of law in Bombay and Rajkot.

September 1891 Sails from Bombay for England to study law.

October 1892 Second son Manilal born on October 18th 1892.

April 1893 Sailed for South Africa to take up a case for an Indian firm. Found himself subjected to all kinds of colour and race discrimination. Thrown off the train at Petermaritzburg Station,harassed by coach driver, denied hotel accommodation because of colour and race.

1894 Prepared to return to India after completing law case, but was persuaded by Indian colony to remain in South Africa and do public work and earn a living as a lawyer. Drafted first petition sent by the Indians to a South African legislature.

May 1894 Organised Natal Indian Congress.