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 Timeline of Mahatma  for  II : 1896 - 1912
1896 Returned to India for six months to bring back his wife and two children to Natal. Published a pamphlet called the Green Book listing the disparities faced by the Asians in South Africa. Distributed it in political circles in India got it published in Indian press.

December 1896 Sailed for South Africa with family. Was mobbed when he disembarked at Durban for what Europeans thought he wrote about South Africa when he was in India.

1899 Organised Indian Ambulance Corps for British in Boer War.

1901 Embarked with family for India, promising to return to South Africa if Indian community there needed his services again.

1901 - 1902 Travelled extensively in India, attended ndian National Congress meeting in Calcutta, and opened law office in Bombay.

1902 Returned to South Africa after urgent request from Indian community.

1903 (Summer) Opened law office in Johannesburg. Third son Ramdas And Fourth Son Devdas Born in South Africa.

1904 Established the weekly journal, Indian Opinion. Organised Phoenix Settlement near Durban, after reading Ruskin's Unto This Last.

March 1906 Organised Indian Ambulance Corps for Zulu Rebellion. Took vow of continence for life.

September 1906 First satyagraha campaign began with meeting in Johannesburg in protest against proposed Asiatic ordinance directed against Indian immigrants in Transvaal.

October 1906 Sailed for England to present Indians' case to Colonial Secretary and started back to South Africa in December.

January 1907 Writes Ethical Religion.

June 1907 Organised satyagraha against compulsory registration of Asians (The Black Act).

January 1908 Stood trial for instigating satyagraha and was sentenced to two months imprisonment in Johannesburg jail (his first imprisonment). Was summoned to consult General Smuts at Pretoria; compromise reached; was released from jail. Gandhi adopts the word Satyagraha in place of Passive Resistance to describe his nonviolence.

February 1908 Attacked and wounded by Indian Pathan, Mir Alam, for reaching settlement with Smuts.

August 1908 After Smuts broke agreement, second satyagraha campaign began with bonfire of registration certificates.

October 1908 Arrested for not having certificate, and sentenced to two months imprisonment in Volksrust jail.

February 1909 Sentenced to three months imprisonment in Volksrust and Pretoria jails.

June 1909 Sailed for England again to present Indians case.

November 1909 Returned to South Africa, writing Hind Swaraj en route.

May 1910 Established Tolstoy Farm near Johannesburg.

1912 Met Gopal Krishna Gokhale who was sent by the British Secretary of Colonies on a fact finding mission to look into the greavances of the Asians in South Africa.