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 Timeline of Mahatma  for  IV : 1924 - 1935
January 1924 Was operated on for appendicitis and unconditionally released from prison in February.

September 1924 Began 21-day great fast at Mohammed Ali's home near Delhi as penance for communal rioting (between Hindus and Muslims), especially at Kohat.

December 1924 Presided over Congress session at Belgaum as president.

November 1925 Fasted at Sabarmati for seven days because of misbehaviour of members of ashram.

December 1925 Announced one-year political silence and immobility at Congress session at Cawnpore.

1927 No-tax satyagraha campaign launched at Bardoli, led by Sadar Patel.

December 1928 Moved compromise resolution at Congress session at Calcutta, calling for complete independence within one year, or else the beginning of another all-Indian satyagraha campaign.

March 1929 Arrested for burning foreign cloth in Calcutta and fined one rupee.

December 1929 Congress session at Lahore declared complete independence and a boycott of the legislature and fixed January 26 as National Independence Day. Third all-Indian satyagraha campaign began.

12th March 1930 Set out from Sabamarti with 79 volunteers on historic salt march 200 miles to sea at Dandi.

6th April 1930 Broke salt law by picking salt up at seashore as whole world watched.

May 1930 Arrested by armed policemen at Karadi and imprisoned in Yeravda jail without trial.

January 1931 Released unconditionally with 30 other Congress leaders.

March 1931 Gandhi-Irwin (Viceroy) Pact signed, which ended civil disobedience.

August 1931 Sailed from Bombay accompanied by Mahadev Desai, Naidu, Mirabehen, Pandit Madan Mohan Malavia etc., for the second Round Table Conference, arriving in London via Marseilles, where he was met by C.F. Andrews. Autumn. Resided at Kingsley Hall in London slums, broadcast to America,visited universities, met celebrities, and attended Round Table Conference sessions.

December 1931 Left England for Switzerland,where he met Romain Rolland, and Italy, where he met Mussolini. Arrived in India. Was authorised by Congress to renew satyagraha campaign (fourth nation-wide effort).

January 1932 Arrested in Bombay with Sardar Patel and detained without trial at Yeravda prison.

20th September 1932 Began perpetual fast unto death while in prison in protest of British action giving separate electorates to untouchables.

26th September 1932 Concluded epic fast with historic cell scene in presence of Tagore after British accepted Yeravda Pact.

December 1932 Joined fast initiated by another prisoner, Appasaheb Patwardhan, against untouchability; but fast ended in two days.

1933 Began weekly publication of Harijan in place of Young India.

8th May 1933 Began self-purification fast of 21 days against untouchability and was released from prison by government on first day. Fast concluded after 21 days at Poona.

July 1933 Disbanded Sabarmati ashram, which became centre for removal of Untouchability.

August 1933 Arrested and imprisoned at Yeravda for four days with 34 members of his ashram. When he refused to leave Yeravda village for Poona, he was sentenced to one year's imprisonment at Yeravda.

16th August 1933 Began fast against refusal of government to grant him permission to work against untouchability while in prison, on fifth day of fast he was removed to Sassoon Hospital, his health was precarious, he was unconditionally released on eighth day.

November 1933 Began ten-month tour of every province in India to help end untouchability. Kasturba arrested and imprisoned for sixth time in two years.

1934 (Summer) Three separate attempts made on his life.

July 1934 Fasted at Wardha ashram for seven days in penance against intolerance of opponents of the movement against untouchability.

October 1934 Launched All-India Village Industries Association.

1935 Health declined; moved to Bombay to recover.