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 Timeline of Kasturba  for  I : Initial Phase (1869-1892)
April, 1869 Kastur, daughter of Gokaldas and Vrajkunwerba Kapadia born in Porbander, in the same year and town as Mohandas, son of Karamchand and Putlibai Gandhi. Both families were friends and neighbours.

1876 Betrothal of Kastur and Mohandas. Gokaldas Kapadia was a leading trader and one time Mayor of Porbander, and Mohandas's father, Karamchand Gandhi, was 'Dewan' (Prime Minister) of Porbander.

May, 1882 Kastur and Mohandas, both about thirteen, were married. After marriage they lived at Rajkot, where Karamchand Gandhi was now the 'Dewan'. Her life as youngest daughter-in-law in the busy Gandhi household was very different from her life as the favourite daughter in the Kapadia home. She was intelligent, independent-minded but accomodating, fearless and very pretty, while Mohandas was shy, self-absorbed and afraid of darkness. Mohandas tried to teach Kastur to read and write, but she was a reluctant student. Mohandas developed friendship with a schoolmate Sheik Mehtab, in whose company he committed various transgressions. He confessed his guilt to his father and also Kasturbai. She met the crisis with trust and maturity scarcely expected of a 15 year old wife.

16th November, 1885 Karamchand Gandhi died.

20th November, 1885 Kasturbai delivered their first child prematurely. After four days the child died. Gandhiji considered this to be a punishment for his 'reckless self-indulgence', and wrote that Kasturbai had never played the 'temptress'.

January, 1888 After matriculation, Mohandas took admission in Samaldas college, Bhavnagar, but quit the college in May, 1988.

1888 Kasturbai gave birth to their second child, Harilal.

10th August, 1888 The family was facing financial difficulties. On the advice of an old family friend, the family decided to send Mohandas to England to study law. To cover up expenses, Kasturbai agreed ' without complaint ' to the mortgaging of her jewellery. Mohandas left Rajkot.

Spring, 1891 Putlibai died and Kasturbai was overwhelmed by sorrow.

5th July, 1891 Mohandas returned to Bombay from England as a Barrister, a scholar, and in structed in ' social dancing, violin playing and public speaking. To Kasturba's dismay, he resumed her nightly reading lessons. He was also still the dominating husband. He failed to make a mark in legal practice. She reminded him of his financial obligation towards his brother and was, as a result, next day sent back to her parents at Porbander. As Gandhiji recorded later : "Perhaps only a Hindu wife would tolerate such hardships". Of course, she was never as helpless as one may imagine. On return a month later 'no more lessons, no more suspicious, no more quarrels, a new tenderness, on Kasturba's part, as she learned more of her husband's true worries and insecurities' [Arun Gandhi].

28th October, 1892 Third child Manilal born. Mohandas took to drafting and writing petitions and memorials in Rajkot.