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Genealogy of the Mahatma

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1. Shlokas
These Shlokas are adaptations of the multi-faith prayers recited every
morning and evening in Mahatma's ashrams.
It contains excerpts from Hindu, Islamic, Buddhists and Zorastrian
2. Vaishnavjan to tene re kahiye
This is an ancient devotional song written by Narsi Mehta, a devotee poet of Lord Krishna.
The Bhajan is a description of virtues of an ideal human being.
3. Raghupati Ragahav Raja Ram
This Hymn is sung in praise of Oneness of God and Religion.

The above mentioned bhajans and shlokas have been taken from the album called Ashram Bhajanavali by The Gramophone Company of India Ltd.
These bhajans and shlokas are sung by Ashit Desai.
4. Suno Suno Aie Duniya Walo
This song was sung by Late Mohammed Rafi in praise of Mahatma Gandhi.